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Hello, I'm Julia, a dog photographer from Sauerland, Germany.

With dog photography I turned my hobby into my job.

The love for dogs has existed since my childhood.

I got into photography through my aunt, who first lent me her SLR camera when I was 14 years old.

From the first moment I absolutely loved taking pictures.

I started out with landscape photography, but even then I took also pictures of the family's dogs.

When I was 15, I got my first SLR camera.

I used to take photos with this in my free time, but only in automatic mode and I didn't understand anything about the techniques of photography at first, but I just had a lot of fun.

I spent the next few years on Tenerife, where I put a lot of time into my work and initially lost sight of photography.

At that time Turi came into my life, who is my absolute soul dog.

After a difficult time, I returned to Germany with Turi to take a break.

In this break we spent several hours in the local forest and I finally rediscovered photography for myself.

So I also took the time to learn manual photography, how to use Photoshop and to edit my first photos.

Since then I have been photographing dogs regularly and exclusively and have therefore specialized in dog photography for 3 years now.

Being able to combine my love of dogs with my passion for photography is simply the greatest thing for me.

I look forward to every shoot and thus also to getting to know YOUR DOG!



My very best friend and my companion since almost 5 years!
The biggest cuddly dog you can imagine.
Turi is an anxious dog, but he feels at home in the nature and loves to be in front of the camera.

This is Tito!

Our newest addition to the family and a little whirlwind.
Tito weighs only 3 kilos but despite that he has tons of energy and likes to join in on every fun activity.
This is why also he'll be joining me on my travels soon.

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