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Brief answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How should I prepare myself and my dog for a shoot and what should I take with me?

This depends on the chosen package, the location and also on the individual dog.

Nevertheless, the general rule is always take enough to drink for your four-legged friend and help, such as a favorite toy or a high-quality treat (e.g. sausage, cheese, ham, etc.)

It is NOT recommended not to feed your dog beforehand so that he is more focused on the treats.

From experience I can say that this often leads to the opposite.

The dog has absolutely no patience and is tense.

If the dog does not react to treats when it is not hungry, then please bring a toy or similar.

Please do NOT let the dog run like crazy shortly beforehand, so that it is calm during the shoot.

This also often leads to the opposite.

An extremely tired dog is like a stubborn child.

Forcing it for another hour or two to follow commands etc. is definitely not the right approach.

Note that a photo shoot can be stressful for your dog. He may have to work his head more than a usual walk.

So if you have a very active dog and are afraid that he won't be able to stay still during the shoot, then try to schedule the last previous walk for about 2-3 hours before.

As previously mentioned, it really depends on the dog. So if you're not sure, feel free to ask me in advance.

How does a shooting work?

The shoot should be as comfortable and calm as possible for the dog.

The locations are selected in such a way that there is not too much walking and there is enough time at the beginning to get to know each other + possibly do some business.

Then we work through photo by photo, always at the dog's pace.

If your dog doesn't know commands, that's absolutely no problem.

The  dog does not have to be able to be leashed either.

I have a shooting line that can easily be touched up in Photoshop.

With anxious or very restless dogs, it is enough to simply let the dog do its thing.

IMPORTANT: It often happens  that the dogs suddenly don't hear the way they might otherwise hear you.

This is quite normal, because the circumstances are often simply different.

Please stay calm at this point and DO NOT force the dog into the desired position! This is not the way.

After all, you definitely want photos of your dog enjoying nature and not looking at the camera suffering, YES you can tell when the dog is not having fun.

The photo shoot should be fun for all parties and the photos should simply be a happy memory.

There is still much more to tell about the shooting process. But this would go beyond the scope here.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me

And after the photoshoot?

After the shooting, your photos will be carefully sorted out by me.

Blurry photos and photos that cannot be edited are sorted out.

I use Lightroom to make quick adjustments to all the other photos (crop, hue, brightness, etc.) so you get a rough idea of what the end result would look like.

I then upload these photos to your own online gallery, where you can choose your favorite photos.

Depending on the package, this is usually between 20 and 100 photos.

IMPORTANT: This is a selection gallery of unfinished raw files. Meaning these photos are only intended for viewing and the download of these photos will be blocked.

Please don't take a screenshot of these photos, just choose your favorite pictures and I'll edit them for you.

It usually takes me 1-4 weeks to finish your photos depending on the number.

For each photo there is a web version prepared for social media only. That means it contains my signature and has an adjusted size ratio.

You will also receive a second version for printouts without my signature.

What if I dont like the end results?

I get asked this question very often.

A possible disappointment can only be avoided through communication.

If you don't like any of my photos, then you shouldn't even book with me.

Every photographer has their own style and will not adjust it to your liking.

But what if you like many of my photos, just a few not.

That's totally okay and therefore your question totally legitimate. Tastes are different and even though I have more or less my own style, I sometimes edit some photos differently, depending on the location, depending on the dog. Always in consultation with the owner.

So if you don't like a certain style at all, just let me know beforehand. If necessary, we have to adjust the location, etc.

Normally, prior communication can always prevent disappointment.

However, it can happen that one or the other edited end result does not appeal.

This can happen, for example, because you perceive your own dog differently. For example, you find this and that style for dogs really nice, but you don't like it that much for your own dog.

If so, please let me know! I can always make small changes, because it is incredibly important to me that you are satisfied with the end result.

In summary: Communication is the be-all and end-all. So don't be ashamed to tell me openly and honestly if you don't like something.

So far, however, it has never happened to me that someone did not like the photos at all. Normally all concerns can be clarified in the preliminary talk.

My dog is never still. Can I expect the same results?

Yes and no! Through my experience I can now promise beautiful photos of all dogs. For scared dogs, for example, the location will be adapted to the dog. That means we choose a location where the dog feels comfortable. Also, I will be far enough away from the dog that he shouldn't be afraid.

Nevertheless, there is a clear difference to dogs, for example, who master sit, down and stay perfectly.

For example, with a restless dog, I cannot expect the same results in a sunset shoot where the lighting conditions are difficult. Again, it is important to communicate beforehand, so I can recommend appropriate locations to you.

In summary, I can say that great high-quality photos can be taken of EVERY DOG. You just have to adjust the location.

Any more questions or doubts?

Feel free to drop me a message and I'll text you back as soon as possible.

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